Motivation Study

Client: Timed:Exercise
What We Did: User Research, Wireframing, Survey Development

What It Was

Timed:Exercise (T:E) is a company out of Jacksonville, Florida which focuses on personalized, small-group exercise with a “Get In, Get Fit, Get Out” mentality. Basically, in the span of 30 minutes they will destroy you and make you want to come back for more.

We started the project by reaching out to current customers to talk with them about what got them interested in T:E and why they stick with it. This is the research part. The great people behind T:E wanted to understand how best to talk with (and to, via their marketing materials) their customers and the best way to do that was go out and ask. Research made it clear that their customers really liked the sense of accountability they felt in the small-group setting. This was important and it came up without us probing specifically for it. Which is one of the benefits of the particular style of interviewing we employed.

We used what we found out in our research to drive the language used on the site. We wireframed out what the site would look like (how information is organized) and worked with visual designers and developers to deliver a great looking site that speaks the language of the customers. And for future customers (because let’s face it, that’s what a marketing site is for) it grounds expectations in a culture that pervades the URL and each session at every T:E location.